Sunday, March 27, 2016

I did not want to be nice

Today I was on my way back home from an appointment downtown. The weather was overcast, cold and windy and I was hurrying to the train station. Just before I got to the entrance of the U-Bahn, a man approached me speaking in a very foreign accent asking for directions. He was small in stature and rather portly. He was wearing a winter coat and a scarf. A little girl was with him. Judging from his accent and his demeanor he probably comes from the middle east. I told him where to go because I knew the street he was looking for and it was not far away from where we were standing. Normally I have no problem helping people out, especially if they are foreigners, but as soon as I saw this man coming my way, I thought to myself "Don't talk to me! Please don't talk to me. I do not want to talk to you!" He walked right up to me and asked for help. I helped him but everything inside me was screaming "walk away and ignore him". I did not want to be nice.